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Science in the real world is very much about establishing understandings that can be repeated and analysed over and over again. Digital imaging is one very powerful means of capturing an experience so that it can be analysed over and over again.

Camera Girl by hien_it


Digital cameras and now most phones can be used in many ways:


  1. To show the setup of an investigation


  2. To show continuous change over time either through still images, video or timelapse  


  3. To review experiences using still cameras or Webcams


Digital microscopes such as the Dinolite or ProScope microscope allow children to easily capture images without needing extensive microscope technique. Aldi stores also occasionally sell a digital microscope. These microscopes can be used in a number of ways.


  1. For Getting Up Close and Personal


  2. In Presentations


  3. For Creating Comics 


The spread of Smartphones has meant that the capability to both capture and share still and video images is fast becoming ubiquitous. 


Smartphones and tablets are also quickly becoming tools for collecting data eg SPARKvue, (from Pasco), iCelsiusDecibel10, dB Volume and Seismometer.

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