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Analysing - Science And ICT
Observing rat behaviour by jepoirrier

Science investigation by its very nature generates lots of data, often more than children can make sense of in its raw form. Spreadsheet programs such as Excel and/or Google Spreadsheets can be used to generate graphical representation of this data in order to identify trends and make suggestions as to the reasons for these trends.



  • These can be embellished with images, different fonts and colours to enhance them such that the student doesn't even notice that they are working on a spreadsheet. An Excel XP tutorial demonstrating how to make these templates is included.


  • Once the data has been collected, (or even as it is being collected), children can then analyse and comment on trends as in this Case Study.



Similar types of spreadsheets can be made with Google Spreadsheets and Google Forms are another great way to gather data for analysis.


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