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ICT offers the opportunity for a range of alternative assessment options that we haven't had before


  • Video is now more achievable than ever SMARTPhones and webcams make it easy to capture video vignettes 

  • Audio can enhance understanding Audacity and/or AudioBoo are great free cross platform applications that teachers and students alike can use. AudioBoo is notable also because it is runs on computer, Smartphone and tablet devices 

  • Evernote is a great tool for a number of reasons. Though primarily a fabulous curation tool, (see my public Evernote archive). Creative teachers are working with Evernote in interesting ways including using it as an assessment repository. Check out this Introduction to Evernote video.


YouTube Video

The following links explore  more about how teachers are using Evernote in the classroom:
Make sure that you also explore the Evernote Trunk for lots of other goodies associated with Evernote including apps, hardware and gear



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